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The first true DeFi crowdfunding platform

Indirect Favor Capital​

“Since Comrades are supporting the Favorites by sharing only a part of potential ROI while staking, there is no direct investment to a borrower system which normally involves a number of barriers”

“Indirect Favor Capital expects to benefit small and micro-businesses as well as non-profit projects.  With community support on the true DeFi crowdfunding platform, bright and fresh ideas are limitless”


Favor Capital is here to help you
develop your business idea or non-profit project today​


Indirect Favor Capital offers a completely new way of interaction between users on the platform. To make it clear and to differentiate it from existing systems like borrower and lender, we have created some brand new terminology.
Favorite – asks for support and creates a Favor Well
Comrade – gives a favor by staking

Favor Well is a smart contract generated upon the request of the Favorite. It includes but is not limited to the desired sum, the amount of the Favorite’s own contribution and the length of the campaign. All requests are moderated in order to confirm that the project page has been sufficiently documented.

It is free only for non-profit requests. For all other instances, it costs 5% of the requested sum to create a Favor Well. In case of a successful campaign, it will cost another 5%.
This total 10% may be reduced by:
1) having a high rating
2) holding a FAVOR
3) gaining skill points (coming soon)
Those numbers may be adjusted over time. Beta testing surely will involve some sort of discounts 🙂
Full information, including all calculations, shall always be provided and confirmed by Favorite before Favor Well is generated.

The rating reflects your activity on a platform, such as:
- participating in the Favor Wells of other people 
- holding and staking FAVOR
- closing your previous Favor Wells if any, which means that you have covered up the balance
By doing more of these activities, you can successfully increase your rating.

Comrades are not lending the capital. Instead, they are staking the amount they own and sharing only the ROI in a preferred Favor Well.
Favorites are getting increased ROI as a favor from the DeFi network indirectly because of support from the community.

No. You may decide to leave the Favor Well at any time and it is absolutely free to do so. But in any scenario of closing the Favor Well, fair distribution of rewards would be made only among Comrades that had participated by the end day of the campaign.
Note: If it applies, please make sure that you are familiar with the particulars involved in LP staking.

One of the benefits of becoming a Favorite is being able to share a fresh concept with the community and get constructive criticism. Our mission is to help small and micro-businesses to develop. To get the highest advantage, we recommend that you communicate with different Favorites as much as you need so that you can decide which ones to pick for your favor.

Basically, you should maintain a good rating on your own profile. When creating a Favor Well, make sure that you describe your idea as best as you can and keep it updated. If possible, you should make a contribution as well. Reply to the community if they want to know more about your concept. You can use the feedback from the community to adjust and improve your concept. Finally, you should share your Favor Well page on social media.
Bear in mind that one of our main objects is to advertise and support every Favor Well by exploiting dedicated media channels.


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