About Us

Indirect Favor Capital is DeFi crowdfunding platform. We are here to help you develop your business idea or non-profit project today.

Project Overview

Indirect Favor Capital is a crowdfunding DeFi platform with the motto, "Powering your enthusiasm". If you wish to get funding for a business idea or non-profit project, you may join as a Favorite and submit your concept to us. If you wish to support the desired project, you may join as a Comrade by staking in the Favor Well. Harvesting then you'll share only a portion of the reward in a favor of that project. One of the main goals of our company is to provide a safe environment for all participants.


Favor Well

Favor Well is the backbone for the entire IFC ecosystem. The concept implies the transparent communication between Favorites and Comrades.

Favorites who propose a project determine conditions which include, but are not limited to, the desired sum, the amount of the Favorite’s own contribution and the length of the campaign. There are four streams divided by the amount of contribution – 10%, 30%, 50% and non-profit projects. All requests are moderated in order to confirm that the project has been sufficiently documented.

Comrades can analyze all data that are provided on the Favor Well page of the project and they can also contact the Favorite to request any additional information. If the Comrade decides to support the project, they will be able to choose from different farms to stake the FAVOR or LP tokens within the desired Favor Well. In that case, Comrades will share a portion of their ROI (Return on Investment) filling in the Favor Well. The requested amount is released to the Favorite only after the Favor Well is complete.

Direct investments have a number of disadvantages for both the investor and startups.

For investors, it may be a high entry threshold and a long investment period.

For startups, it may be the time spent on the registration at any crowdfunding platform and preparing documentation. There is also the risk of involving influencers, which can be expensive.

Since Comrades are supporting the Favorites by sharing only a part of their potential ROI while staking, there is no direct investment to a borrower system which normally involves a number of barriers.

IFC is responsible for and guarantees the security of its platform. Audits of smart contracts are carried out by independent companies in several stages. Then, to improve safety, closed tests are conducted. Only after successful testing and re-audit will the platform become available for user access.

Getting Started

Below are instructions on how to get started:

1. Set up Wallet

To start, the user will need a wallet. IFC operates on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), so the wallet for the FAVOR token must be BSC compatible. IFC supports the following wallets:

  • MetaMask
  • TrustWallet

Binance Chain Wallet extension (FireFox, Chrome, Edge)

Since the safety of wallets is ensured by their manufacturers, please make sure to read the description on official sources carefully and thoroughly to make sure that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Note that Hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor) are not supported natively by IFC, however, they are available through MetaMask and the Binance Chain Wallet browser extension.

2. Acquire Tokens

Acquire FAVOR tokens for staking and BNB tokens to pay for network gas. Click here to see where you can buy FAVOR tokens.

3. Access Indirect Favor Capital

Visit the IFC website and proceed to Join Us to register and create a profile. Connect your wallet by clicking on the top right corner and selecting your preferred wallet.

4. Begin Staking

After connecting your wallet, you are ready to stake. Just browse through all available Favor Well and choose your desired project. There are four streams divided by the amount of the Favorite's own contribution. The higher the contribution that the Favorite has made, the more attractive the base rewards APR (Annual Percentage Rate) would be for such farms for the Comrade.

5. Harvest

The Comrade that gave the highest contribution to the Favorite will be receiving more base FAVOR rewards. At any point, Comrades may decide to leave the Favor Well and it is absolutely free to do so. But in any scenario of closing the Favor Well, fair distribution of Honor would be made only among Comrades that had participated by the last day of the campaign.


If the campaign is successful, the requested amount will be released to the Favorite so that they can develop their project. In return, the Favorite is able to Honor Comrades by paying back the amount collected within the timeframe specified in the application process. Any amount paid back by the Favorite shall be distributed within the Comrades that participated until the final day of the Favor Well.


A Rating system is implemented to provide the best experience on the platform. The rating applies to all the activities performed such as trading, holding FAVOR, participating in the Favor Well as a Comrade, or creating your projects as Favorite and paying back Honors.

Become a Favorite

The first step to becoming a Favorite is to create your Favor Well on the platform. This is the process of describing the concept of your business idea or non-profit project, which you should accomplish completely and as best as you could. You must provide information in the description, add links to social media, include your websites, and upload pictures or videos to make it more attractive for the audience. At the moment that you submit the application, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable 5% of the requested sum (base service fee). In case the campaign succeeds, another 5% will be collected (collection service fee). After you receive the requested sum, debt will be created at your account, affecting the rating. To restore the rating, you will simply have to repay the debt which consists of the sum collected plus 5% (honor service fee).

IFC Interface


Comrades & Favorites

For the purposes of clarity and distinction, we have created some brand new terminology for our participants. New start-ups, who ask for support and create a farm called Favor Well, are called Favorites. Investors, who stake LP pairs or FAVOR tokens to the Favor Well farm, are called Comrades.



Comrades get rewards by staking LP tokens or FAVOR to the desired Favor Well generated per block and divided between Comrade and Favorite. Comrades are also eligible for the Honor which is paid by the Favorite. Any amount paid back by the Favorite shall be distributed among the Comrades that participated until the last day of Favor Well.

Token Information

FAVOR (and where to buy)

FAVOR refers to the token for the Indirect Favor Capital that supports and underlies the assets produced on the network. It is the main instrument used by individuals who wish to participate in all activities of the platform.

You can buy FAVOR via the following exchanges:

Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)


Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

What are the contract addresses?



  • Built on the BSC for faster, cheaper, scalable transactions
  • Focused on user experience and education
  • Community driven

What is the FAVOR max cap and distribution schedule?

The maximum supply is capped to 100,000,000 FAVOR

No. of Tokens Alocation % Unlocks
IFO on PancakeSwap 2,500,000 2.5 100% at TGE
Ecosystem & Community Fund 50,000,000 50 0% at TGE, not to be completely circulating
Liquidity Mining purposes 25,000,000 25 Linear release
Partnerships 8,000,000 8 0% at TGE, monthly release over 2 years
Marketing 7,500,000 7.5 0.4% at TGE, monthly release over 4 years
Team allocation 5,000,000 5 0.5% at TGE, monthly release over 4 years
Total 100,000,000

TGE = Token Generation Event

How will the 50M ecosystem funds be used?

The 50M Ecosystem & Community Fund will be used to support the platform and community via stabilization of asset collateralization, market making, platform grants and blockchain fees. None of these funds are going to the team, advisors, or investors and are not intended to ever be completely circulating in the market. This fund is the treasury of IFC itself and is for the benefit and long term sustainability of the platform. The intention for this fund is to eventually be completely governed by the community via a DAO. If you wish to contribute to the discussion around this, please join our Telegram community here.